What I am learning about our now literacy programmer

So what my reading teacher is Mr Forman my writing teacher is mrs mash

Now what my i work harder on my writing

Reciprocal Reading

 What? I am learning about reciprocal reading.

 So What? l have learned that reciprocal reading involves students being the leaders. Everyone is expected to contribute.

Now What? Two areas i want to get better at are questioning and summarising.

I want to get involved more at get better at reading books.

Keeping ourselves safe.

What? I am learning to make safe decisions.

So What? I am learning this because it will help me to be safe.  I can use it to help others.

Now What? An example of a safe decision is if someone said 'come and help me find my dog that is missing at the park and I don't know him or her then I would say' Sorry but NO and then I would walk away. If they followed me I would run to nearest house and ask for help.


WALT:Talk about our yr 4 sleepover

I learned To play different games

I achieved my goal contrybyting in games

Next time I will To play fairly

High jump.

WALT:to jump over the 85 centimeter bar.

I learned to jump over the bar.

I achieved my goal because I jumped over the 75cm bar

Next time I will try a meter bar.


WALT: Throw, strike and kick la arge ball.
I learned to kick a ball accurately so I could score a goal.
I achieved my goal because I kicked the ball harder so that it would reach the goal.
Next time I will kick it even harder.

Visual Art Term 2/3

WALT: To create a mosaic picture using pastel and Indian ink

I learned we have used chalk to break our pictures into pieces

here is a example of my learning.

I achieved my goal because I used bright colours

Next time I will make my chalk lines straighter

My Mihi

WALT: Introduce ourselves in Maori.
I learned to pronounce Maori words correctly.

My best sentence is ko Carter toku ingoa.

I achieved my goal because I can say 2 sentences.

Next time I will lean more Maori words.

Reading Literacy

WALT: Respond using information from the text.

I learned to read the text.

I achieved my goal because I used information from the text.

Next time I will use more information from the text.